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We offer new incorporations (option A) and off the shelf, or over 1 year incorporations (option B). You can choose add-ons below. Panama law requires a $250 government registration fee at the time of ordering. Resident Agent/Registration Address is included in price. Resident Agent/Registration Address is not considered a mail forward facility. Ready in 5-14 days.



A. New Incorporation Package (Art. of Inc., POA, Share Cert, Res. Agent/Reg. Address, $250 Gov't reg. fee included) 850
B. Off-shelf Incorporation Package (Art. of Inc., POA, Share Cert, Res. Agent/Reg. Address, $250 Gov't reg. fee included) 1,000
Certificate of Incorporation with an Apostille (Optional) 150
Nominee Directors (3 If Provided by us) 200

The corporation law of the Republic of Panama provides that any two natural persons acting as the organizers and the subscribers may appear before a Notary Public to organize and constitute a corporation. In Panama, Public Notaries govern most entities under the direction of a government institution.
It is the usual practice for natural or juridical persons outside of Panama to accomplish the formation of a Panama corporation through a local Panamanian law office, a trust company, or a professional management services firm. For the purpose of drafting necessary documents, the following simple information and particulars are supplied by the client to the incorporations:

NAME: A preferred name, with two alternatives in the event that the desired name may conflict with a name already in use, expressed in any language, that must also include a corporate ending such as "S.A" (Anonymous Society), "Corporation" or "Corp", "Incorporated" or "Inc.", "Limited" or "Ltd." to clearly denote that they are incorporated companies.

OBJECTS: While the standard "Articles of Incorporation" for a Panama corporation intentionally provide a very broad scope of activities, it is not unusual to include one or more articles which deal specifically with the client's intended objectives.

CAPITAL: The capital of a Panama corporation is expressed as "Authorized Capital", and there is no minimum capital that must be paid in. Unless there is a compelling reason to the contrary, it is standard practice to specify an authorized capital of US$10,000.00, represented by 100 common, voting shares having a par value of US$100.00 each, or to express the capital as being 500 common, voting "No Par Value Shares". In either case, the nominal capital registration tax (payable once only) is US$60.00.

SHARES: Shares may be used to "Bearer", or in "Nominative form. Preferred, Class A, Class B, voting, non-voting and other shares structures are also permitted.

ORGANIZERS: Local nominees usually act as the organizers and subscribers for incorporation purposes.

DIRECTORS:  A minimum (with no maximum) of three directors is required. These may be of any nationality, residence or occupation. It is general practice to employ local nominees for this purpose. Juridical persons (other corporations or entities) can also act as directors. We can supply our own for an additional charge above.

OFFICERS: A President, a Treasurer, and a Secretary are required. These may be natural or juridical persons, and there are no requirements as to nationality, residence or occupation, While one person may hold more than one office, it is customary that the President should not also be the Secretary. One of the officers is usually named Vice-President. There may be as many Vice-Presidents as required. Managers may also be named if desired. Local nominee directors and officers are customary.

DOMICILE: A Registered Agent domiciled in Panama is required and by law must be a practicing lawyer or law firm. Domicile of registry is not the domicile of "Business". The owner of the corporation may have the company's business domicile anywhere in the world.  Incorporating and Management Firms usually name their own lawyer as the Resident Agent, but they do not act as business offices for the corporation.

DURATION: The corporation may have a limited or unlimited life; however, it is customary for the "duration" to be perpetual.

TIME OF INCORPORATION: Time of incorporation can be anywhere between 5 to 8 working days. Off-the-Shelf companies are also available but are usually more expensive than new incorporations because they are already in existence and are older. They usually have to be updated and updating takes around the same time as ordering a new incorporation.

CORPORATE SEALS AND MINUTES BOOKS: Both Corporate Seals or Minutes Books are not required, especially if the corporation does not operate in Panama. Owner or his/her client may want to create their own seals, and carry their own books usually at the place of business of the corporation (business office).

CHARGES AND FEES: The cost for the formation of a standard format Panama corporation usually includes Articles of Incorporation, English Translations of Documents, issuance of a Power of Attorney, Share Certificates, Nominee Directors for one year, Resident Agent for one year & Registration Address. It will not include Certificate of Incorporation with Apostille which is optional and requested/obtained after incorporation.

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